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We provide the following services, but aren't limited to these:

    Website Design and Development

    Custom Graphic Design

    Business Card & Letterhead Design

    Corporate Identity Development

    Logo & Brand Design and Development

    Company & Product Naming and Unique Slogans

    Search Engine Optimization and Placement Services

    Custom Programming and Software Development

    E-commerce Design, Development & Implementation

    MySQL, PHP, CGI, ASP, ASP.NET & Much More

    Redesign and Reprogramming of exisint websites

    Custom Database Development & Integration

    Customization & Integration of our CMS

    Banners & Advertising Materials

Basic Steps of the Design/Develop Process

Step 1: Defining The Website
The first step taken in designing a successful website is defining the exact purpose of the website. This will include the target market, creating corporate identity and researching competitors. Also, the site architecture will be created including areas of content and general design ideas.

Step 2: Prototype/Concept
This step involves creating a `mock-up' of the website design, usually the sites home page. You are then in a position to review the initial design and the appropriate changes can be made.

Step 3: Construction
Each page in the website is now coded. This step involves optimizing image compression and image quality, checking download times and ensuring consistent design. This website is then submitted to the client for review and the appropriate changes are made.

Step 4: Post-Production Checks
The site is checked for overall consistency, spelling, download time, link validation, website compatibility and track/fix all the bugs.

Step 5: Uploading
The finished website is uploaded to your web server and goes `live'.

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