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Our unique design and software development are built specifically to meet the needs of your web application. Since requirements may vary for different types of design, programming and software developement, please contact us and request a custom quotation.

We offer high quality work matched by a superior customer service at a fair and reasonable price. Experience tells us that larger companies charge three - five times of our rates. We think you'll find our work comparable (and often superior) but for less cost you'd pay elsewhere. We do not plan on offering the best designs and support for the lowest price. If we did, we wouldn't strive to always exceed your expectations - we would simple 'take-the-money-and-run'. We abide by our agreements. This means you're not getting any surprises from us.

We strive to provide our customers a fair and reasonable web design pricing. To arrive at a realistic estimate of what we would charge to create your site (or modify your existing site), we would need to discuss the following with you:

What practical business function(s) you expect your website to play, whether that includes "merely" advertising, or educating your clients, etc. Some functions require much more development time (and money) than others, so these must be weighed against your available budget.

Web Site Design

What style and tone will best represent your business or organization? The answer to this question plays a key role in determining what it will take to project the right "look and feel" to your visitors. Strictly business? Stylish and artistic? Simple and elegant? Visually arresting?

Available Content
What do you already have in the way of advertising text and/or graphics that can be effectively used (or reused) in a web-based format? Logos, photos, and other graphics that are already on hand can go far in keeping price for our web design down. However, we gladly do graphic work for the additional fee.

Web Site Development and Programming
Over the last few years MakroSprendimai Ltd. has proven it's ability in providing its customers with the worlds leading e-commerce solutions. Our team has all the technical knowledge, experience and expertise that are required to develop any kind of e-commerce applications. We are empowered to provide our customers with standard and customized e-commerce development solutions that can coincide with their budget, and thus can help them achieve their goals even at low costs.

Content Management System

Control your content. We are experts in custom Content Management Systems (CMS) solutions and integration with commercial packages, and we have adopted proven best practices and approaches for evaluating appropriate content management solutions. The scale of the solution depends upon such factors as the frequency and quantity of updates, as well as the staff, systems and processes already in place within your organization. We take into consideration your immediate and future needs when defining the appropriate solution to support efficiencies.

Talk to us about content management. Because the right solution can lower the cost of information generation, organization and trafficking, and let you put your focus back where it belongs - on your business.

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