Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I get Paid?
You will be paid by the rates that are displayed on our main page

When do You pay and how are the checks sent?
Due to a large amount of mail fraud, we will no longer send checks via snail mail. You are paid biweekly, payments on 5th the calls generated from 1st to 15th and on 20th the calls from 16th to 30th. We will ONLY wire payments directly to your bank account. That is why the information provided at sign-up is very important. Note: There will be a 35$ charge for this service.

Is there a minimum payment amount?
Yes. All earnings under $300 are carried over to the next pay period. That's 2 calls per day.

Do you have online real time stats?
Yes - real time 24/7 stats accurately measure your calls.

So what makes your dialers any different?
Our dialers use 900 numbers.

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