Welcome to DialersWorld.org - the place which helps you to forget all perminute dialers! We all know, that perminute dialers are doing shit nowadays, so we have something new for you - system that charges surfers per call and pays you per call too. We are using an unique system: all the accounts will be set up with script that detects which country surfers came from and downloads the dialer according to the country. That means that we host all the dialers and you'll get just one link to get calls and minutes from all our dialers.

Current percall countries are: UK, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Austria and Australia will be added withing 2 weeks, and then - all the other countries including USA!

We even thought about maximization of your proffit with our system, so you get perminute calls from all countries that have no percall rates yet! - that means that you WILL GET the maximum of what you can earn! All dialers will be assigned within 5 business days. Resellers, contact us asap and be a part of this business!

Check out our current rates:
UK$ 7 / callCosta Rica$0.05
Switzerland$ 7 / callDenmark$0.20
United States$0.30France$0.05
Germany$ 7 / callItaly$ 3/ call
Hong Kong$0.10Ireland$0.10
Japan$0.35New Zeland$0.10
Other countries not included - $0.01

We care about your time so we do not put any more texts and other crap here. Wait no more, SIGNUP now!


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