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Adultreviews.net is an independent site aiming to give our visitors some advice about adult websites. There is literally millions of adult pay sites to be found on the Internet, but how many really good sites do you really know? Not that many we guess. And it would certainly be a tough job for you to personally check out every pay site that might appeal to your taste. Not to mention that it would be quite expensive as well. And this is exactly where we enter into the picture. We work hard to be your independent guide to quality adult pay sites.

Adultreviews.net provide reviews of a wide variety of adult pay sites. Our criteria are among other things that a site's content should be top quality, there should be plenty of it and the site must be updated often. And then of course we evaluate the speed and how well-arranged the site is. A typical situation where you could use our site could be when you find a new adult site from e.g. a search engine. You have seen the site's preview, but you are not really convinced that the site is worth paying for. So to find out you go to Adultreviews.net and read our review of the site. We carefully evaluate if the site keeps what it promises and furthermore whether it's worth it's price or not. After that you will hopefully have a better impression of whether or not you are interested in joining the site.

Adultreviews.net is founded and managed by Thomas and Jeppe from Denmark.

We came up with the idea for a site containing detailed and thorough reviews of adult pay sites, and discovered that such a site didn't already exist. Our goal is to become a complete guide to adult pay sites with reviews, information and discussions about your favorite adult web sites. Maybe you have noticed that Adultreviews.net is completely free of pop-ups, banners and aggressive marketing material. The reason why we have chosen to do so, is that we know how disturbing and annoying it can be. Furthermore we want to appear independent. But still we have to make money in some way, to be able to pay the hosting bills, so when it's possible we try to make arrangements with the webmaster to get a few bucks when one of our visitors signs up via this site.

And remember that we are always on your side - We will always be fair in our reviews, also remember that as a user you are able to express your opinion, and read other opinions, about our reviews in the forum. That way we hope to make sure that you will receive the best guidance to the sites reviewed.

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