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Price: 263 €

Picture Improvement Technologies
PC connectivity
100% light output when display is ON
SmartCard™ 3v3 ICONN Expansion


Philips ITV MirrorTV offers high quality video pictures through a special mirror material, which allows near total transmission of the polarised light output of the LCD screen.

The MirrorTV comes supplied with standard frame fitted. It can be mounted on a wall, to be used and viewed like a regular mirror. The MirrorTV offers new application opportunities in the hospitality environment in guest rooms, lobbies and bars. MirrorTV is supplied complete with the ITV ICONN connectivity box, which facilitates interactivity with most central hotel TV systems.

     Product Features & Benefits

  Picture Improvement Technologies
DCDi warrants a smooth motion reproduction and Crystel Clear III provides 30% more contrast and a higher level of detail

PC connectivity

100% light output when display is ON

SmartCard™ 3v3 ICONN Expansion
The unique interactive ICONN box permits OEM or custom designed third-party decoders and controllers to be installed. Since the box can be hidden from the end-user, this concept eliminates the need for external set-top decoders, controllers, or data terminals. The result is an integrated system for superior control applications. The Global Standard Interface allows easy expandability for future upgrades and prepares the set for digital applications

Smart-Loader™ cloning
Provides the ability to copy all programming settings from one set into additional sets. This feature ensures uniformity between sets and significantly reduces installation time

Noise Reduction
This technology even further improves the picture performance

Resolution : 1280x768

Mirror when OFF; TV when ON

Aspect Ratio : widescreen

Recommended remote control : RC87602

Hotel Mode features
The hardware and software have been specifically designed for troublefree ownership, while ensuring ease of use.
The TV provides the guests with the best sound performance.

Welcome Message
A welcome greeting can be displayed on the screen each time the set is switched on (maximum 2 lines with 20 characters each).

Multi Language Teletext reception
Guests can be served in their own language. Per each channel western and eastern European languages, Greek, Turkish, Arabic or Cyrillic characters are available.

Electronic Programme Guide
Provides guests with onscreen directory listing number and network affiliation, eliminating the need for paper program guides. The channel guide is accessed via the touch of a single button on the remote control.

ESP™ Energy Saving Programmability
Energy Saving system that powers television off after a specific period of use. A simple countdown clock can be selectively set to operate from 0-99 hours with automatic clock reset at each power up.

Switch On Channel
Forces the TV to a specific channel when turned on. Perfect for in-house advertising or information channels.

Low Battery detection Remote Control
This feature informs the hotelier of the need to replace the RC batteries preventing guest complaints.
Sleep timer
Automatically switches the TV off

Security Menu Access
High Level Security can be selected in the Installation Menu, authorizing TV programming only with a special remote control.

3.5 mm jack External connection
Easy installation of a bathroom speaker via this rear connector.

Screen Size : 23"

Visual Size : 58 cm


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