Seed and Grain Conditioning
Our plant has the best conditioning equipment available which enables us to condition seed for planting as well as process grains for commercial use. At our facility we can condition many grain varieties including wheat, barley, oats, peas, garbanzo beans, safflower, flax, lentils and more. Our Air Screen Cleaner uses air flow and the width of the kernel to separate the grain from foreign material. The process shakes the grain over screens that are sized for each variety of grain. Our two Gravity Tables use a shaking motion coupled with air flow to separate the grains by weight. The Indent Cleaner is composed of three cylinders. The selected indention in each of the cylinders determines the size of kernel. We also have a Destoner to remove foreign objects from the product.

Portable Conditioning
Our certified Portable Conditioner Equipment includes an Air Screen Cleaner , Carter Disk , Precision Portable Conditioner/Grader and Portable Gravity Table. Our portable units do the same quality conditioning as our plant equipment, but gives the producer the flexibility of having the equipment come to his farm site rather than hauling the product to our plant. Our portable service is capable of handling small grains and some specialty crops.

Product Bagging
Agro Enterprises provides a variety of ways to bag your product with the use of our Electronic Bagging System . Your product can be bagged in either poly bags or paper bags in weights from 50 lbs to 110 lbs. We can also package your product in 1 ton tote bags. We are here to service your needs, just let us know what you want and we can probably do it!

Grain Drying
We currently have four Grain Drying Bins for removing the moisture from your grain; three 2,000 bushel bins and one 3,000 bushel bin.

Land Roller Rental
Agro Enterprises is committed to assisting area producers by offering rental of our 40 ft width transportable Degelman Land Roller.