With all the new innovations in technology around the world, you can be assured that AGRO Enterprises wants to produce only the best in grain and seed products. Toward that end we work, yet still keeping with the old fashioned traditions and standards that have made AGRO Enterprises one of the top producers of grain and seed products in the world

The company " AGRO Enterprises " is one of the suppliers of agricultural production in the World. We have branches in many countries of the world. Our industrial base includes loading-and-unloading platform, store rooms, oil-storage for the combustible lubricant, agricultural machinery and equipment, laboratory. Grain Products currently available from AGRO Enterprises have been produced from seed that has been developed and maintained using traditional breeding techniques.

A number of officials of our company exceed 170 men. The main field of our factory is feed barley, feed wheat, milling wheat 90% of which goes for export through the ports of the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean , Baltic See, Black See and also by rail. Our partners are the companies of Europe , East Europe , Central America and South America .

Today we are searching for good partners in regions of Asia, Africa and East Europe: Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and we would be pleased to make a possible business with your company and present your interests on world grain/seed market.